Monday, February 5, 2007

The Family that Cooks Together, Reads Together

For the last two weeks, Kraft and Kroger have had this great promotion where you get $7 off if you buy 8 select items. We ended up getting cheese in shred and slice to last for two weeks, and cream cheese to make cheesecake, and all for $3.50 thanks to the wonder of the coupon. So Marty helped Izzy to make a cheesecake:

I wasn't able to get a picture of that (it went too fast, chocolate marble cheesecake made with Watkins Danish Pastry extract was just too tempting for the guys), but I did get a picture of the project Izzy and I worked on. I bring you The Cake:

Yeah, it's from a mix and a can, but it sure did taste good. I put on the coffee kisses and Izzy did the rest of the decoration. Nothing like a little sprinkle sugar to brighten a day.

And now Izzy dreams of his next creation, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

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